What is Generation Pay It Forward?


*March 2018 Update: Friday Friends is officially up and running at Summit. The first delivery of weekend food bags went home with students the first Friday of the month*

*January 2018 Update: Friday Friends will begin at Summit Middle School on March 1st*

*December 2017 Update: We've reached our goal! Over $25,000 raised online + offline*

Generation Pay It Forward (GPIF) is a fundraising campaign taking place during the 2017-18 school year. The goal is to end weekend hunger for 6th and 7th graders in the Johnston School District by raising the $21,000 needed for the Johnston Partnership, a local non-profit, to bring the Friday Friends program to Summit Middle School.

Friday Friends is a program that provides food for schoolchildren on the weekend, when free and reduced breakfasts and lunches are not available.

The Partnership has identified Summit as the school with the greatest need for a Friday Friends program currently. Any students who “graduate” out of elementary buildings with Friday Friends programs do not receive the same support once they start at Summit due to the lack of an established Friday Friends program there.

This fundraising campaign was developed alongside the Johnston Partnership and is being spearheaded by Johnston High School young alumni. We recognize the power of us as individuals joining together to achieve something greater than ourselves. In addition to realizing the outcome of fewer hungry kids, we’re also seeking to connect the young alumni of the Johnston school district — a generation one might say — with the schools and community that invested in us growing up so that kids who follow receive just as strong of an investment. We are the pay it forward generation.