This is the official list of the individual young alumni who have been verified as founding members of Generation Pay It Forward. Founding members are verified after it’s been confirmed they’ve sent a donation appeal to at least 5 people in their network.

Kelsey Acheson

Phoebe Cooper

Ashton Cracraft

Evan Culbert

Abby Dusen

Lincoln Eppard

Morgan Foldes

Lisa Friesth

Kensie (Noble) Haden

Emma Henry

Nicole Hoffman

Andi Holdsworth

Brandi Jansen

Luke Johnson

Luke Jorgensen

Chloe Judas

Morgan Jungman

Austin Kerr

William Krone

Katie Lashier

Kitarrah Mangra-Dutcher

Amelia Medici

Lyndsey Niebuhr

Courtney Norelius

Izzy Passalacqua

Ryan Smaha

Laura Smalley

Margaret Standish

Veronica Standish

Scott Syroka

Molly Thuente

Ellie (Minor) Tysklind

Stephanie Waite

Mariah Wellman