If you’re an individual who supports this cause...

  1. Donate now: Every dollar helps us chip away at our $21,000 goal. After clicking the link, you will be taken to a GoFundMe link we’ve set up for this cause.

  2. Visit GPIF-friendly businesses: Check out our Community Partners & Press page to see a list of area businesses holding “Pay It Forward” days where a portion (or all) of their proceeds from that day go towards the Generation Pay It Forward campaign. Please support these businesses to help us raise funds!

  3. Spread the word: Please let others know about this campaign via email and social media (like us on Facebook!) and direct them to our website if they’re interested in donating and being a part of something greater, too.

If you’re part of a business that supports this cause…

  1. Donate: We’re looking for more businesses to join Generation Pay It Forward in our quest to establish the Friday Friends program at Summit Middle School. If you’re interested in having your business donate to the cause, please email

  2. Host a Pay It Forward Day: Is your business able to dedicate a day to the cause, where a portion or all of the proceeds go towards the Generation Pay It Forward campaign? We’re looking for all the support we can get. If your business can help, please email

If you’re a young alum (JHS class of 2007-2017)…

  1. Join now as a founding member of Generation Pay It Forward

Our founding members, consisting of Johnston High School young alumni from the classes of 2007-2017, are the bread and butter of the GPIF campaign.

From 8/24 (first day of school in Johnston) to 10/8, young alumni will be eligible to sign up as a founding member of the Generation Pay It Forward campaign. The way it works is we ask each founding member to send a Friday Friends donation appeal via email to any 5 people in their network — family, friends, college roommates, or coworkers.

If just 150 GPIF founding members take a 5-minute break to email 5 people in their networks, and assuming they receive an average donation of $20 per donor in return, we’ll raise $15,000 — more than halfway to reaching our goal of establishing the Friday Friends program for students at Summit Middle School.

For young alumni who want to help fundraise after the one-month sign-up period, you’ll be able to do so — but only as a contributing member. This means you’re still able to donate and recruit donations from your network as part of the initiative, but we won’t be able to add you to our founding members list of earliest supporters or dedicate resources to provide you a personalized social media graphic.